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Type: Pale Ale
Color: Reddish
Aroma: Intense after the hops from Patagonia Argentina. The caramel malt flavor stands out.
Flavor: Deep yet very delicate from the selected malts and hops.
Description: It is an English style beer, top-fermented with 3 selected malts and 2 hops in order to reach a good balance of bitterness and intense aroma.
Food pairing: We suggest to try our Diabla beer with pork chops “a la riojana” (Typical from the province of La Rioja).
Duration: 1 year and more

4,5% alcohol


Type: Pale Ale with herbs and flowers
Color: Pale Reddish
Aroma: Very aromatic and desirable for its intense aroma of peach and floral notes from fresh herbs.
Taste: Sweet at first with a more bitter end, very exotic.
Description: Beer of an exotic flavor, made with a base of pale-ale beer with added flower petals and herbs.
Food pairing: It combines very good with raw fish, such as salmon “tiraditos” (mini-sandwiches).
Duration: 1 year and more

3% alcohol


Type: Bock with fine red berries from Patagonia, the Southern region of Argentina.
Color: Black with purple flashes.
Aroma: Very intense after the red fruits and roasted malts with coffee notes.
Taste:This beer has a very nice combination of roasted malt and red fruits from Patagonia leaving a delicate sweetness in the mouth.
Description: This beer is made with the base of our stout beer, with the addition of fine red fruits from Patagonia.
Food pairing: Ideal beer for desserts or simply to enjoy it at any time.
Duration: 1 year and more

2,5% alcohol

Negra Fuerte

Type: Stout
Color: Black
Aroma: With notes of chocolate and hops.
Taste:This beer has an intense flavor of chocolate with a Bitter ending.
Description: It is a beer with a high alcohol content. It is also balanced with intense chocolate flavor of the roasted malts and the bitterness of the selected hops.
Food pairing: Ideal to drink together with desserts based on coffee, such as the traditional Tiramisu.
Duration: 1 year and more

5,8% alcohol


Type: Lager with lemon-lime juice
Color: Greenish gold color.
Aroma: Delicate notes of malt and hops with an intense citric bouquet.
Taste:It tastes very refreshing, as a result of adding lemon lime juice.
Description: is a lager beer, due to the content of lemon lime and sugar. It is very tasty and refreshing.
Food pairing: It's a great beer to drink with some tasty fried calamari.
Duration: 1 year and more

2,5% alcohol


Type: Bock
Color: Dark Brown
Aroma: Mild coffee and chocolate
Taste:Intense after the roasted malts used in its formula with notes of coffee.
Description: It is a low fermentation beer, made with medium toasted malts and hops with low bitterness. The Foam has an exceptional creaminess.
Food pairing: Good companion to spicy stews like goulash.
Duration: 1 year and more

4,5% alcohol


Type: Pale Ale with natural orange juice.
Color: Pale Orange.
Aroma: Delicate from the blends of the malts and hops with an intense bouquet of orange.
Taste:the bitterness of this pale ale it is balanced with the acidity of the orange juice, and the result is a sweet, orangey flavored beer.
Description: It is a very soft, fresh and delicate beer. It has the added orange juice and sugar, reducing the bitterness of classic beers.
Food pairing: As a citrus beer goes well with desserts, chocolate much more, such as Brownies with cream.
Duration: 1 year and more

2,5% alcohol


Type: Lager.
Color: Golden
Aroma: Delicate with a harmonious bouquet.
Taste:It has a balanced taste from the selected Argentinian malts and hops, with notes of vanilla.
Description: Our bottom-fermented blond, is our German styled beer. Brightfull for its crystallinity and the light golden color.
Food pairing: Accompanies well a dive “picada” (appetizers), if with German cold cuts much better!
Duration: 1 year and more.

4,5% alcohol


Type: Wheat beer
Color: Golden and slightly cloudy.
Aroma: Slightly tropical.
Taste:The taste is smooth, not bitter, very tasty and delicate.
Description: The malt, the wheat and the aromatic hops give a non-traditional flavor that makes it very particular. It is refreshing and an ideal thirst quencher.
Food pairing: It is a beer that goes very well with traditional German dishes such as sausages with sauerkraut.
Duration: 1 year and more.

3,0% alcohol


Type: Lager base with the addition of herbs.
Color: Green
Aroma: Intense but delicate at the same time highlighting the notes from the fresh herbs.
Taste:Smooth, fresh and slightly sweet.
Description:Created in honor of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. This beer is known for its green color, fresh herbs and its delicate flavor and bouquet.
Food pairing: As a light beer, accompanies very well starters like nachos with guacamole.
Duration: 1 year and more

4,5% alcohol


Type: Double Bock German style.
Color: Black.
Aroma: intense from the selected roasted malts and hops.
Taste:Strong and full-bodied, with notes of toasted coffee grains.
Description:bottom-fermented beer, made with 3 kinds of malts with different degrees of roasting. It is thicker in body and more intense in aroma.
Food pairing: Accompanies very well pork meats, such us pork roasted meet with beer sauce like “bondiola a la cerveza” (“Bondiola” pork with beer sauce).
Duration: 1 year and more.

4,8% alcohol


Tipo: Maltzbier (Malta Blend 30%, 70% Bock)
Color: Dark Brown.
Aroma: Delicate, with notes of toast and honey
Taste:Delicate and at the end of mouth the flavor of hops and honey can be easily recognized and enjoyed.
Description:It is created with German top-fermenting yeasts, plus a delicate blend of barley malt, Patagonian hops and a touch of honey which make this beer an exquisite and unique product.
Food pairing: It combines in a harmonious way with chicken, especially with breaded chicken wings.
Duration: 1 year and more

4,5% alcohol

Strong Red Ale

Type: Red Ale, smoked and aged.
Color: Red intense coppery.
Aroma: one can easily feel the smoke flavor from the smoking process and the wood tannins from the oak barrels.
Taste:the Patagonian hops, smoked malts and the notes from the tannins from oak wood casks are highlighted in this beer. The Flavor is intense.
Description:Being stored in wooden barrels brings out the notes of smoke. The manual filling and subsequent storage in a dark, cool and controlled cellar results in a unique craft-brewed and fine quality beer.
Food Pairing: Its special flavor invites us to taste it together with a delicate dessert of gourmet cheese and season fruits or with dried fruit tarts.
Duration: 1 year and more.

9,0% alcohol


Type: India Pale Ale
Color: Gold, Copper.
Aroma: Hoppy and citrus-tasty from the varieties of aromatic hops used in its recipe.
Taste:Intense in its bitterness given by the combination of the selected hops but yet balanced with the selected special malts.
Description: India Pale Ale beer of intense flavor that has a copper color and a citrus character derived from the six varieties of Argentine and European hops.
Food pairing: It is a beer that goes well with spicy foods like chicken curry, providing in this combination a very good balance.
Duration: 1 year and more.
8,7% alcohol


Type: Honey
Color: Golden
Aroma: with a delicate honey aroma and bouquet of wildflowers.
Taste: Soft and sweet at the same time for the contribution of pure honey.
Description: New flavor that combines Patagonian malt with a medium roasting and a touch of pure honey, plus a balance of delicate imported hops of low bitterness but intense aroma. Result: a delicate and tasty beer.
Food pairing: Goes well with desserts like apple strudel or apple cakes.
Duration: 1 year and more.

4,5% alcohol


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