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Since the beginning in 2001, our mission has been to produce beers of high quality with a variety of flavors, in order to satisfy the most demanding consumers and connoisseurs: BarbaRoja is definitely part of the exclusive "good beers of the world". Another primary objective is to provide the consumer with differentiation, so we state: "BarbaRoja is much more than a beer, it's all a concept!"

The ambience of the world of pirates, the brewer merchandising, the family atmosphere, the 15 varieties of beer - carefully crafted and designed to pair with our international dishes - surprises customers continuously. This allows you to have a sustainable business over time and really gives a unique and distinctive character within local franchisees.

BarbaRoja advantages:

  • 15 varieties of beer.
  • Brand with 15 years of experience in the country, Federal profile.
  • Friendly Brand attracts all audiences: families, youth, foreign beer lovers, beer beginners.
  • Adapts to different formats Restaurants: Restaurant, Pubs, beer garden, social events, birthdays, weddings, parties, Regional trade shows
  • Well-defined brand image: linens, waiters, Signage, Merchandising, Coasters, among others.
  • Synergy Advertising in Social Networks.
  • Participation in trade fairs, congresses and National Holidays

Franchisee Support Team:

We have a team to accompany from the beginning to the end in the process of acquiring the franchise. We simplify the process to provide full assistance:

• Select Location and type of local needed for type of business.
• Local Adaptation
• Financial Planning and Accounting Management
• Advice in Gastronomic Design and acquisition of equipment
• Tips and Tools for Recruitment
• Supplier Selection
• Management and operational training for the Start-up
• Control audits and implement improvements.
• Advertising and Marketing.

Franchisee Profile:


1. Active Franchise-holder.
2. Solvency and financial capacity to cope with the necessary equipment, the appropriateness of Local and initial stock.
3. At least one of the partners involved has to have prior knowledge and experience in gastronomy.
4. Possession of leadership skills.
5. Knowledge of the local market.
6. Skills in Sales, Marketing, Business.

Profile Features:

• Entrepreneur.
• Motivation and perseverance.
• If it is installed in tourist area, language skills.
• Have affinity gastronomic area.
• Positive attitude.
• Demanding with the quality and details.
• Service orientation.
• Ethics: Franchise-holder´s behavior affects the good or bad image of the franchise network, affecting everyone involved.
• See the business as a long-term relationship.
• Committed to the business and brand.

10 Steps for Granting Franchise

1. Complete the Contact Form
2. Specificity of First Interview
3. Signing of Confidentiality Agreement
4. Signature Reserve Territory
5. Get Local
6. Delivery Plans for implementing the local Design
7. Execution of construction or Adaptation
8. Signing of Franchise Contract: Delivery of Operating Manual
9. Design of promotion and advertising.
10. Franchisee training and operational staff.

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Frequent questions

What is the best area for the location of your local?
The best areas are those central areas of the city, which are already recognized as gastronomic and commercial centers.
What is the extent of the premises are looking for?
Local, must be greater than 250m2 and have the ability to locate 80 to 120 guests.
What does the Entry Fee?
The Entry fee includes the right to use and exploitation of Barbaroja Brand for a period of three years, assistance in selecting and opening local, Management Training and Operations for Start-up and Operation Manual.
Do you have advice for Marketing and Advertising?
We have a corporate strategic campaign and incorporate advice for local campaigns.





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